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Tree Of Life lamp

Tree Of Life lamp

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Light up your home with this majestic Tree Of Life lamp. Wireless charging keeps your device fully powered, making it perfect for any modern home. This lamp stands out with its beautiful design and will be a stylish addition to any room.

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  • Premium Build quality (Long LED lifetime)

    Elevate your experience with our products' premium build quality. Each item is designed with precision and attention to detail. Enjoy the warm and comfortable sleepless dimming light through a cherry wood shade that allows you to read at night with the perfect brightness, adjustable with a smooth touch control button. The LED light lifetime is around 50k to 110k hours. Connect to your phone, computer or tablet in a minute by using your Bluetooth and enjoy an exceptional sound quality

  • ergonomic desgn

    Elevate your sense of style and comfort with our meticulously crafted floor lamp. Each lamp is designed specifically with your comfort in mind, whilst bringing that all important sense of style and luxury into your home. Enjoy great pleasure from the exquisite lamp's warm and inviting glow.

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How big is the lamp?

The lamps dimensions are 33.5cm in length, 19cm in width and 23cm in height.

What phones is the wireless charging compatible with and is it compatible with Echo and Alexa?

The wireless charger is compatible with Apple iPhone 8 onwards, Samsung S6 onwards, Xiaomi Mix2s onwards, Huawei Mate 20 Pro onwards, LG G5 onwards and all wireless charging enabled devices. Yes it is also compatible with the Amazon echo and Alexa. (Wireless charging can be used even when the light is turned off)

Where is the bluetooth speaker and can two lamps be connected simultaneously?

There is a 360 Bluetooth speaker built in to the top of the lamp that delivers a crystal clear sound often compared to a stereo bass, wafting and lingering in the room. Also yes, if you buy a pair of this lamp, you will be able to connect them at the same time to your device and play from both simultaneously.