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Luxury lamp range

Luxury lamp range

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This is our latest luxury lamp range with new smart light technology that allows you to change the warmth and brightness, making it the perfect lamp in any scenario. All lamp types are manufactured to a high quality, ensuring a premium finish and feel. They have a long-lasting, built-in USB-C rechargeable battery allowing you to place them anywhere around you home, office or restaurant without having to worry about wires or wall sockets. All lamps are also waterproof so can be used outside if you desire. These key features make our product the perfect luxury addition, adding a classy and elegant feel to your home.

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  • Premium Build quality

    Our lamp is expertly manufactured with hand picked materials such as aluminium ensuring a high quality, water resistant finish.

  • Long lasting battery

    Experience the convenience of a long-lasting battery and high-end charging cable. Never having to worry about your lamp dying at the wrong time.

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Is the charger included?

Yes the USB-C charger is included with the lamp in delivery .

Is the lamp water resistant?

The lamps are made almost entirely of metal making them water resistant.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts up to 8 hours and takes 3 hours to charge fully. We recommend charging the lamp fully every time to improve battery life.

How big is it?

our lamp is roughly 27cm high and 13cm in diameter.