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Khonsu Clock Lamp

Khonsu Clock Lamp

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The Khonsu Clock Lamp is the perfect combination of luxury and practicality, featuring both a digital time display and wireless charging capabilities. Expertly crafted with a sleek and modern design, this lamp is sure to elevate any living space. Its intelligent time display ensures you'll know the time at a glance—no more fumbling for the phone. A must have for any tech-savvy home.

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  • Premium Build quality

    We have made sure that this elegant time piece is crafted entirely of high quality metal with a shiny finish.

  • Smart Features

    The lamp has Wireless charging, for any devices, imbedded in the base. It also features smart controls to adjust the lamps brightness.

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Are bulbs included?

Yes the Khonsu Clock Lamp will have bulbs included.

How large is the lamp

Base Diameter: 6.3in (16cm) Combined Height: 15.7in (40cm) Width: 11.0in (28cm)

Is the clock loud?

No, in fact the Khonsu Clock Lamp actually has silent movement so you can enjoy its sleek, modern, beauty in peace.